To expand your business, you need qualified solar leads. However, solar lead generation can be costly. According to Solar Estimate, a lead could cost between $20 to $200. And, solar lead generation comes with a challenge: how do companies avoid contacting people who don’t want to be called? Below, we reveal how you can do lead generation right and protect your solar company from costly TCPA lawsuits.

What is the TCPA?  

The 1991 TCPA law stands for the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It limits telemarketers from making intrusive and unwanted calls to potential customers. In other words, it restricts phone solicitations.

The TCPA, in conjunction with the FCC, imposes the following requirements on solicitors:  

  • Limits the time of day customers can be contacted 
  • Establishes national and company-specific “do-not-call” lists
  • Requires solicitors to honor the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry 
  • Establishes penalties of $500 per call for TCPA violations and $1500 for willful and knowing violations
  • Requires solicitors to obtain express prior written consent before calls
  • Expects companies to be clear and conspicuous about their intentions

The law has been expanded to include contact methods such as faxes, pre-recorded messages, emails, and text messages. Additionally, the concept of express written consent was expanded in 2012. Accordingly, companies must have some form of documented consent to send pre-recorded telemarketing messages or texts to prospective clients. Also, the law prohibits companies from soliciting emergency lines and healthcare facilities with pre-recorded messages.

Recent TCPA Lawsuits   

In recent years, lawsuits pertaining to TCPA compliance have multiplied. Five years ago, a major tech corporation faced a well-publicized court case. The plaintiff in question alleged that the company’s method of obtaining written consent to opt-in to company-sponsored sweepstakes didn’t meet the new provisions of the TCPA.

Ultimately, the corporation won. However, the court case proved to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Businesses need to understand that they must follow FCC regulations to the letter. This means obtaining a clear and compelling record of customer consent.

Work With Demand IQ to Avoid Expensive TCPA Lawsuits  

Demand IQ offers an all-in-one customer acquisition platform that can help you capitalize on potential leads while avoiding regulatory gray areas that could lead to costly litigation.

We incorporate Jornaya Privacy Guardian technology to ensure that you provide each lead with full disclosures about your intent. And, our platform documents each customer interaction as proof of express prior written consent. With Demand IQ, you can keep solid records of obtained consent while developing your digital marketing and lead generation strategies. To see what our platform can do for your solar energy business, contact Demand IQ today.